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Puerta Abierta



A hybrid EdTech coaching program focused on financial and mindset empowerment.

1-1 Coaching

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Each student's educational journey is unique, which is why our coaches customize their teaching approach to meet the individual needs of every learner. Additionally, our tutors and mentors provide support to overcome the social, emotional, and psychological challenges students might encounter in their daily lives.

Group Coaching

Our group tutoring approach has consistently enhanced students' self-confidence and independent learning abilities both in and outside the classroom. By intentionally organizing students into small groups of three, we aim to boost social and executive functioning skills, yet still provide personalized attention to each student.

What We offer

Key Benefits

Flexible Curriculum. We offer over 10 topics to choose from.

Interactive Tools. Engage with real-world financial resources.

Action-Oriented Approach. Apply financial knowledge to everyday life.

Build Financial Confidence. Empower youth and young adults.

Application is POWER


Accessing Financial literacy knowledge is not the problem, it's about how to fit it in our lifestyle

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Office Hours M W F 12-1 pm | UCI, RISE Suite

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